Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forced Perm, part1

First, Eugenie had surprised me with 'the gift' during one of those wonderful evenings when we would meet and she had gotten ready for me. Dressed to stun and ready to make us travel she had prepared her offerings on the bed. From the wrapped state I really could not tell what it was. She had made me unwrap everything one by one in a strategic order to delay my reward and heighten my excitement. The first package let me know it had to do with hairplay (We have other fetishes, it was a nice touch to let me be able to know what to anticipate and fantasize about), and every other package made it clearer and clearer: she had gotten us, or should I say me, a perm necessaire. Little by little I unveiled tail comb, cap, rods (very small rods), and the main piece, the very strong 'you'll-never-get-rid-of-this-curl' lotion. As I went from item to item, I was completely taken and moved by the amazing thoughtfulness, playfulness, beauty and exceptional intelligence of my lover. I was speechless, excited and scared. Pretty much what she wanted me to be I suppose. There was no perm that night. She did open the bottle of lotion and the intense smell invaded the room instantly, she was smiling, I could see she was as excited as I was, she played with me and teased me, I loved every second of it. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of having finally found my match, my lover, my Eugenie.

Then, a few weeks later, upon arrival I found her very sparsely dressed and highly heeled with a stunning and really long platinum wig on. I made cocktails. We had a few and she proceeded to prepare me. I was to totally submit to her tonight (We switch a lot and both enjoy both predicaments), she had plans.
I ended up on a chair, looking at myself in the wardrobe's mirror, when she pulled out her gifts from a few weeks before. The tail comb, the rods, the lotion.
Eugenie, like every self respecting midwestern girl, got a LOT of perms when she was in high school. Every four months or so she went through the ritual. She also did her girlfriend's hair a lot and she has amazing skill left in her.
I must say that I got really nervous and that I had one too many of the cocktails so my memories of the actual chain of event is probably not as accurate as hers is. (Maybe she will care to jump in and give her view of what happened.) All I know is that she took her time and rolled my hair up in the rods, tight, and teased me all the while. It was truly an amazing experience. The sexiest hairdresser I had ever seen, in silk, imposing a perm on me. Absolute dream. When she was done, she realized she had forgotten the cotton to put around my hairline before applying the lotion so she made something of some paper towels. Once she had it set it up all around my head, she pushed my head back gently and started applying lotion to the rods. I felt the cool lotion dripping from the rods to my scalp.
I've had perms before, and I had a wonderful time in the hands of the salon girls, but getting a forced perm from my love, my lover, my mistress and my muse was beyond anything I experienced so far. I felt total abandon to her will and the bliss of realizing a very intense fetish together, at her whim was emotional overwhelming. The smell was strong, and she ordered me to keep my eyes shut so I could not see the process.
She teased and toyed with me for a while before she let me know that she had not actually permed me.
She actually managed to give all of the joy and excitement without having to live with the aftermath of tiny kinky and silly looking curls. (The rods are REALLY small)
She did say that I was only spared for a while and that she just wants to take her time. I know she is serious, one of these nights I'll come home and she'll give me a poodle perm. I can't wait.



  1. Nice story, thanks for it.

    I have this fetish for perms too.


  2. Lovely blog... it must have been amazing to have your lover roll your hair up in rods.